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Success through experience

We are one of Germany’s leading portfolio and asset managers in the core business area of senior housing/residential health-care facilities and administer premises with a market value of approx. € 392 million (as of 01.01.2018). The constant increase in the assets we manage derives from a consistent and far-sighted investment policy. The basis for this is our broad expertise throughout the entire property lifecycle, from purchase and development to cost-efficient, value-enhancing management and sale.

In-house asset management is one of our core specialities, and forms a key element of the services we offer. Through longstanding experience and intimate knowledge of the sector, our team makes full use of the opportunities offered by real-estate investment.

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An overview of our services

  • Development of portfolio, investment and divestment strategy
  • Structuring of investment vehicles
  • Practical implementation of investment strategy through property purchase and sale
  • Organisation of the relevant due-diligence processes
  • Steering of acquisition process
  • Portfolio management based on risk and return criteria
  • Leaseholder/tenant selection and operator monitoring
  • Financial engineering
  • Legal representation of special-purpose investment vehicles
  • Investment analyses and reporting
  • Cash-flow and risk management
  • Market and performance monitoring
  • Profitability calculations and business plans
  • Ongoing property administration with selection and monitoring of the property manager and other external service providers (e.g. facility manager)
  • Handling of the rental process
  • Maintenance supervision
  • Property management to increase current revenue and asset value