The funds we have launched and managed in cooperation with respectable partners — private banks and capital management companies — are in different phases of their product life cycle. Some of our funds have reached the end of their defined life cycle after more than 10 years with outstandingly successful property sales. Some younger funds are now fully invested and their capital is attractively invested in the market. Our excellent network and stable and consistent deal pipeline were instrumental in their success. Other funds are currently in their investment phase.

Over the past 15 years, SHI managed to deepen investor trust and steadily increase the number of properties in its portfolio and its assets under management (AUM) to nearly 500 million Euros. SHI has made some large and successful portfolio sales in 2018. Two major portfolio acquisitions were made in 2020. Currently, SHI has over 100 million Euros in investment capital, so the previous AUM volume will be exceeded in the future. Further capital increases have been announced by the investors.

Environment Social Governance

Younger funds of SHI qualify as ethically sustainable investments, and are managed in accordance with Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria. If you would like to learn more about this, we will gladly send you a catalog of the ESG factors we consistently apply when making investment decision in the care facility sector.



Specialist center for dementia patients

In light of the rapidly growing target group of dementia patients, the dementia center “Demenz-Fachzentrum” — leased long-term to a respectable Austrian operator — is an ideal investment with a sound future. The innovative and residential architecture and modern furnishings of the building are groundbreaking and compel in terms of both function and design.


Modern care facility

This sophisticated care facility with space for nearly 170 patients stands out with its generous atrium, but even more so with its attractive city location in the state capital of Wiesbaden. The property also compels with its economical size and long-term lease to a respectable operator group.

Elbschloss Residenz

Senior residence

This premium senior citizens’ residence with 188 apartments, restaurant, swimming pool and wellness has great investment potential thanks to its excellent location in Hamburg. The optimal economic size and a well-known operator as long-term tenant are further strong investment arguments.