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Market environment

Over the next 40 years, the number of senior citizens in the German-speaking region will rise dramatically. This will lead to increased demand for care services, as well as for residential facilities for the elderly. Not only can operators of senior housing properties expect a significant growth in revenue, this growth will also be relatively secure and recession-proof. In Germany, a significant proportion of the cost of residential care is covered by compulsory care insurance. If funds are still not sufficient, support is provided by family members (if necessary based on legal compulsion) and/or basic state social security. Therefore, sound forecasts of increasing demand and a highly reliable income deliver all the factors that a good investment needs: a growth market with a long-term perspective, attractive rates of return and manageable risks.

SHI Management GmbH

SHI Management GmbH is an independent portfolio and asset manager for institutional investors, specialising in the senior-housing property market. We invest on behalf of insurance companies, banks, pension funds and family offices, investing in classic real-estate, such as commercial property, while maintaining a clear focus on senior housing and residential health-care facilities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our management has decades of experience in the development and management of operator-run properties (hotels and senior housing facilities). Because of this we are able to offer investment products which allow you to successfully tap into demographic megatrends, while keeping risks at a manageable level. We think strategically like an investor and understand operators’ on-site needs. We structure individually-tailored investment opportunities for institutional investors based both in Germany and abroad.
Since 2005, this has included investment companies which we initiate and operate from both Austria and Germany. These companies draw on the expertise and outstanding market position of SHI in the senior housing sector. We mainly focus on markets where we have excellent market access to the relevant properties and close, longstanding contacts within the sector. We have established an extensive network which is an additional asset here. We form our own independent opinion of market opportunities, trends and risks. Our disciplined approach to property investment and our development of innovative investment solutions enable us to offer investors superior long-term, risk-adjusted rates of return, capital protection and diversification options. In the last 10 years we have successfully combined these insights with a refined approach to portfolio construction and well-established risk management, allowing us to take up a leading position in the investment area of senior housing/residential health-care facilities.